How to Add Privacy Policy to WordPress? – Easy Plugin!

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Why Should You Have a Privacy Policy on Your Website?

Your website should always inform your visitors the type of information that it collects. Besides, having a privacy policy page also brings more credibility to your website.

Sure not everyone will read this page. But at least if you have it there they cannot blame you for collecting their email address or other type of information.

How to Add Privacy Policy to WordPress?

The great part is you don’t need to write this page. All you need is to install a plugin called, “Auto Terms of Service and Privacy Policy.”

This plugin is very simple to use and setup. You must install it and then fill the required information. Afterward, copy and paste the plugin’s coding to a new page and add a title.

Once that is done, just save that new page and create a new menu for your footer section if you still haven’t!

When you’ve created the menu simply add the privacy policy page to it and there you go, easy!

This plugin is ideal if you are looking for something simple. However, if you need other types of privacies then you may want to try another one.


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How to Add Privacy Policy to WordPress:



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