How Long Will You Live?

Cell biology gives clues to why we age and lobsters don’t.
I made another video! The future of energy:
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Animations are from Emmy-winning film ‘Immortal’, reproduced here courtesy of December Media and Genepool Productions (previously Pemberton Films)

Check out Immortal here:

Find out more about telomeres and telomerase here:

Special thanks to Dr. Fiona Ginty, Principal Scientist in the Life Sciences and Molecular Diagnostics Group at GE. Her research focuses on imaging different proteins within the cell. It’s both a very powerful technique and it’s beautiful.

Filmed by Raquel Nuno and Vasilios Sfinarolakis
Aging makeup by Heather Grippaldi:
Music by Kevin MacLeod, “Past the Edge” and “Lightless Dawn”



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