How Does COC Differ from CPC? — Medical Coding Question

How Does COC Differ from CPC? — Medical Coding Question

Alicia: Q: “How does the COC differ from the CPC?”

Chandra: Right. I was getting there.

Alicia: Sorry.

Chandra: A: OK. So when we look at how the CPC differs from the COC. How these two things are different? You’re going to notice that everywhere that there’s a shaded box there was a difference. For example, if we take the surgery cases on the COC which the COC is that outpatient coder, so this is the outpatient facility side of things. This includes both hospital outpatient facilities as well as freestanding ambulatory surgery centers.

Both of these are included in that outpatient coding certification exam.

The difference between that and the CPC or the professional service, If you look at those surgery cases, the CPC has 20 more surgery cases than the COC does, so they dropped the number of questions. Instead of 60, 10 in each section, they say we’re going to ask you a total of 40 questions, they can come from anywhere, and quite frankly they’re going to come from those things that are typically done in an outpatient surgery center.


How Does COC Differs from CPC? — Medical Coding Question


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