Handheld Inkjet Printer – Inkjet Coding Machine

Find a Handheld Inkjet Printer to solve specialized Inkjet Coding for printing on Parts, Products and Packaging.

Handheld Inkjet means your printer workflow for Inkjet Marking processes will be Fully Portable, Easy to Operate and very simple to Maintain, without the need for expensive and complex equipment found with Inline Inkjet Printers.

JetStamp 790MP Printer
Handheld Inkjet in a printer that offers a self-traversing print head. Small Character printing, in two lines. The latest JetStamp Printer, the model 970, provides for multiple print lines and High Resolution printing of Text, Barcodes or Graphics.
Quick-Dry Ink Colors: Black or Red

Handjet Printer
The Handjet, is a Handheld Inkjet Printer for Large Character marking. The first Handjet released in 2005 was The Handjet ebs250, with a maximum print height of 1.06 inches.
For extra large character printing of up to 2.20 inches, take a look at the The Handjet ebs260.
Non-Interchangeable Ink Cartridges Colors: Black, Red, Blue, Yellow and White

Hand Mark 1H Inkjet Printer
This is a very powerful Handheld Inkjet Printer, with a built-in touchscreen. High Resolution Inkjet Printer, for any inkjet coding, that includes Text, Time/Date, Numbers and Barcodes or Graphic Logos.
Interchangeable Ink Cartridges Colors: Black, Red, Blue and White

Discover Upgrades that will Save Time and further Improve the Workflow even more.
1. Using our Barcode Scan-and-Print, the user Scans a Barcode, and then prints the human-readable text with the Handheld Inkjet Printer.
2. We have also developed an Excel Import Tool for Inkjet Part Marking, that converts your Parts List, and allows easy import of many individual part numbers, no hand keying.

For any Inkjet Coding and Marking Solutions. Partner with us for a Handheld Inkjet Printer.
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