Full Length CBC Documentary: Code Kids

For more in-depth interviews and resources visit http://www.codekids.ca/ or to watch more CBC documentaries visit CBC”s Absolutey Maritimes – http://www.cbc.ca/player/Shows/Shows/Absolutely+Canadian/Absolutely+Maritimes/
Code Kids is a documentary following the journey towards seeing kids being taught coding in schools once again in Canada’s Maritime provinces. With the happy ending already set as a goal, will support for the movement gain the necessary steam to make this a reality? Will the amazing results seen in Estonia and Finland inspire those back home and will Canada’s eastern-most provinces decide to take the lead in a global race to fill the millions of tech jobs, that at current rates, will not be filled in years to come without more kids choosing coding and tech as a career? Meet the supporters and volunteers behind this grassroots movement that’s sweeping the globe and follow individual kids and how their lives have been changed by pursuing their dreams.



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