ESP8266 Running JavaScript Using Espruino

In this video tutorial we show you how to load a specific firmware to the ESP8266 (ESP-12E) Development Board, which allows you to program it using the JavaScript programming language. You’ll need to have your ESP8266 recognized by your Operating System, which we cover in another video ( Please find below the relevant links as mentioned in the video.

Video editing/production:
Zahari Schtonov (

ACROBOTIC Development Board for ESP8266: (affiliate)

Instead of the forum thread (, the Espruino image for ESP8266 is now included in the latest build:

Flashing commands are also available here:

The Espruino firmware for ESP8266 is rapidly evolving. The Pin class is now deprecated and you can use D4 or for the Development Board, NodeMCU.D2 for referring to GPIO4:

Pyserial is a module needed to run the tool ‘esptool’ to flash firmware onto the ESP8266. Download from:

Esptool is a tool written in Python that allows us to flash firmware onto the ESP8266 IC over an USB connection:

We also have a detailed guide for getting started with the ESP8266 including explanations of what AT Commands and NodeMCU are all about:

Music by Jason Shaw ( Creative Commons License 3.0.



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