Embed Google Reviews WordPress Plugin 2019: Google Reviews Pro WordPress Plugin by Rich Plugins

Looking for a wordpress plugin that will embed your google my business or google place customer reviews directly on your website? Then I’d recommend (as of right now) this plugin by Rich Plugins. Here’s the link for this plugin.


Now. all that I know is that this plugin has been working flawlessly for my website and my client’s website.

Rich plugins has created a WordPress plug-in that’s compatible with WordPress 5.0 and guttenberg that will allow you to take all of your Google reviews off of your Google my business account and put them into your WordPress website. this plug-in allows you to have a review plugin that can create a gallery of reviews, a list of reviews, and even create a review me button so that it’s easy for your clients to find you on Google my business and review you. in fact, if you’re trying to figure out how to get more reviews, putting the rich plugins WordPress Google review plugin on your website is probably the easiest tool you could possibly do so that you can quickly instruct your customers to head to your website and leave a review.

I’ve checked out lots of different WordPress review plugins and I’ve found that none of them are as helpful as pointing to the authentic, most authoritative reviews on the internet, your GMB or Google my business reviews. besides that, it can be too much work for a local small business to get all of their clients to review them on multiple platforms. The most important platform to win at this moment is going to be the Google my business reviews, so the one single behavior can be to have your customers leave reviews there and then have them on your website as well as in the local snippet to help you with SEO and local small business dominance.

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