Easy EM Coding-Risk Based Coding Illus.-EMinator Explained

M. Tray Dunaway, MD, FACS, CSP, originator of Risk Based Coding TM, simplifies Evaluation and Management (E&M) Coding for clinicians by explaining the alien fundamentals of E&M Coding initially from an auditor’s, (or coder’s), perspective. He then translates the arcane and convoluted coding process into a clinician friendly approach illustrating his compliance correct Risk Based Coding algorithm that forms the basis of iOS software created by his business partner, Jerry Edens, driving their app, E&Minator.

NOTE: Dr. Dunaway is an award winning national speaker, (having performed in 47 states to date), and strictly adheres to the ethical guidelines of the National Speakers Association. As a paid professional speaker, he WILL NOT SELL FROM THE PLATFORM and his content for E&M Coding/Compliance programs would not be similar to the content of this INFOMERCIAL which was crafted to explain, illustrate, and ultimately sell E&Minator. As a paid professional speaker, Dr. Dunaway understands he is NOT being paid to sell his app from the platform.

E&Minator is designed to ensure correct reimbursement, save time by eliminating excess documentation, giving clinicians full credit and recognition for patient care, and making sure healthcare practitioners NEVER fear a third party payer audit again.

Dr. Dunaway and Mr. Edens may be contacted through Healthcare Value, Inc., (803) 425-8555 for speaking and software engineering inquiries.



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