Deploy Laravel with database on Google Cloud App Engine

Deploy laravel application and connecting to sql instance. How to deploy our laravel application with database on google cloud app engine. Let me give you the steps here..
1) Create a project on Google Cloud
2) Enable Billing
3) Create SQL instance and enable mysql api

4) Create a service account for connecting to sql instance for app engine.

5) Create laravel project basic auth application with session and cash driver as database.
6) Connect with local database and test it on Local environment.
7) Connect google cloud sql instance using cloud sql proxy
download the proxy for windows from here.
for all
8) Create a database and user for that database on google cloud sql
9) Change the .env file according to your proxy host, database and user.
10) Run migration command again to migrate database to google cloud sql
11) Then deploy your application
For deploy application you need to setup proj



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