Creating WordPress Theme Complete Step : 4. Basic Theme Setting Up

Step by step creating wordpress theme from scratch with help from Underscore, IDE from Netbean, Localhost (XAMPP) and etc.

The Goal Theme / Template – To make a web or blog is accesable, modern, user and mobile friendly, easy to customize and many more.

With this Vidoes you will learn:
– The basic way, how to create WordPress Theme from nothing / zero.
– What you need to prepare before creating the wordpress theme.
– How to reach the Goal Theme / Template.
– Understand how the Theme work.

Help me to reach 10k Subscriber this year, so i can continue to upload another some interesting Tutorial Video for you guys.

Part of the Video:
– Step: 1. Preview The Goal Theme –
– Step: 2. Tool and Preparation –
– Step: 3. Learn the Process of Development Design –
– Step: 4. Basic Theme Setting Up –
– Step: 5. Header Building –
– Step: 6. Menus Creating –



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