Coding the Amazon Echo (Alexa) – How to create custom Alexa skills from scratch with AWS Lambda

The Amazon Echo is the one of the coolest IoT devices on the market today. It’s this black cylinder with built-in microphones, and a speaker, that you can put in your room, plug into an outlet and ask any natural language query to. Similar to Siri, Google Now, or Cortana only in a single self contained hardware device.

Where the Amazon Echo really shines, is in it’s developer tooling. Every query that you ask it is parsed into a data structure and given to you on AWS for you to write your own custom code around. You can build and deploy voice control for any web service or hardware device in a matter of minutes.

In this screencast, I explain how the Amazon Alexa service works, and write a custom skill for the Amazon Echo from scratch using Javascript and AWS Lambda.


Source Code:



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