Coding Bootcamps | My Interview with Fullstack Academy

Things not mentioned in this video:
1. You do not need to know JS in order to apply to most (perhaps all) bootcamps, you just need to know SOME programming language
2. You do not need to have a personal website to apply
3. You do not need to get a 100% on the coding assessment to get accepted (I technically only got 5/6 correct because I forgot to submit one of my answers)
4. Application process took about 2 weeks to complete before getting a final answer
5. Fullstack Academy/Grace Hopper Academy were very response and easy to get a hold of when I had questions
6. You don’t have to be a developer/software engineer when you graduate from most bootcamps unless you have a payment contract that requires you to
7. You have to take the coding assessment in fullscreen mode, and their program will know if you exit fullscreen mode to prevent cheating

Blog post about Fullstack Academy:

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