CodeIgniter Tutorial : How To Integrate The Authorize.Net in CodeIgniter is simple and easy to attach payment gateway solutions. That is the reason why you see a lot of eCommerce platforms offering seamless integration with it.

If you are looking for an accurate way to integrate payment gateway in your custom PHP web application, this tutorial is for you. The process described here uses official PHP SDK by which allows you to capture the payment right from your website, giving you the payment processing response so you don’t actually need the payment notification page and post processing.

We will be covering the following three points to properly attach as your project’s payment gateway:

1) sandbox account
2) Composer
3) How to integrate
4) Switching from sandbox to production

In this video, I will demonstration how to integration in Codeigniter Framework. As you can see, attaching payment gateway in PHP is an easy task. All you need is the official PHP SDK and the code we covered above.

This source code available at github :



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