Codeigniter Community Auth Tutorial – Youtube

Codeigniter Community Auth Tutorial
Codeigniter Community Auth Integration
CodeIgniter Authentication Library
CodeIgniter Authentication Plugin
Community Auth Integration with Codeigniter 3.0
Codeigniter 3 Tutorial – Authentication & Authorization
Codeigniter Authntication Tutorial
Codeigniter Community Auth Tutorial
Best Authentication Library of Codeigniter 3.0
Codeigniter ACL

Google drive link to Download the Integrated working application –

Community Auth Documentation URL –

Core Authentication Features:

– User Authentication (User Login)
– Access Granted by Level / Role
– Access Granted by Role Group
– ACL for Finer Controlled Permissions
– Limits Failed Login Attempts
– Limits Login to a Single Device (Default)
– Deny Access by IP (Requires Local Apache Configuration File)
– Persistent Login (Remember Me) (Turned Off by Default)
– Forgotten Password and Username Recovery



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