Codeigniter 4 Impressions!

Codeigniter 4 is under development and it looks very promising. Many people though search for answers and just because the framework is new, they are still frustrated.

Questions like:
– What are the main new features that Codeigniter 4 has?
– I want to create a brand new project. Should I use CI 3 or Codeigniter 4?
– I am using Codeigniter version 3. Should I update to Codeigniter 4?
– Is Codeigniter 4 going to be more famous than Laravel?

In this video, I am answering all of these questions and I am also providing my initial impressions and thoughts about Codeigniter 4 and the future of Codeigniter. So some other questions a bit more opinionated based on my experience:

– What are my initial impressions about Codeigniter 4?
– What are the new things that I were always wishing Codeigniter should have and do they exist in Codeigniter 4?

Note: This is not a full review of Codeigniter 4 so this video is not focusing on details.

Codeigniter 4 announcement:

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