Clinical documentation; Supporting good patient care and proper coding in an ICD-10 environment.

Speaker: Joe Nichols MD

Clinical documentation is a key focus of the industry. Documentation impacts billing and payment, quality measures, research, disease surveillance and most importantly, good patient care. This presentation will review the role of clinical documentation in the ICD-10 transition and focus on the following areas:

– Why is clinical documentation and good coding important?
– What are the strategies for working with physicians and other clinicians to assure quality documentation?
– What is the impact of ICD-10 on the clinician and coder relationship?
– How can I make things easier for both the clinician and the coder?
– What types of documentation is needed for different specialties, clinical areas or patient conditions?
– Where should I focus my energy?
– How can I identify what needs to be documented?
– How can I make sure that documentation quality and coding quality is achieved and maintained?
Hosted by CMS and PAHCOM Partnership for ICD-10



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