Choosing a text editor and IDE for coding

The first thing a new programmer or developer has to install in their computers is a good code (text) editor to start typing all the code that flows through their creative minds. There are infinite options and in this video, I’ll cover the most famous and usable editors out there.

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An IDE is an integrated development environment, it provides many tools (not just the code editor) and if you’re programming in a compiled language such as Java or C++, said IDE also provides debugging and compilation tools so you don’t have to worry about any of that apart from coding and creating!

A code or text editor is a great tool for quick and powerful edits, it provides tools such as “search and replace”, multiple selections, packages to extend its functionality and much more.

Quick Note: Sublime is “begware”, it’s free to install but it’ll keep asking for your purchase if you like the editor. If you are an ethical person consider buying it.

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