BulletProof Security WordPress Plugin

BulletProof Security Installation & Setup Video tutorial. This video tutorial has 4 tutorial sections: Installation & Setup, Visual Preferences, Troubleshooting and Bonus Custom Code.

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BulletProof Security Troubleshooting: http://forum.ait-pro.com/forums/topic/read-me-first-free/#bps-free-general-troubleshooting
Other Video tutorial links: http://forum.ait-pro.com/video-tutorials/

Installation & Setup:
One-click Setup Wizard installation & setup.

Visual Preferences:
This tutorial section shows BPS Visual Preferences option settings and choosing different UI Theme Skins.

The BPS Security Log is the primary troubleshooting tool in the BPS plugin. The Security Log logs blocked hackers and spammers and also logs anything legitimate that may be blocked that needs to be allowed/whitelisted. This tutorial section shows how to check the Security Log and get whitelist rules for anything legitimate that is being blocked by BPS.

Bonus Custom Code:
Bonus Custom Code is optional additional security protection htaccess code that you can add for your website. This tutorial section shows how to get Bonus Custom Code and add it for your website.



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