Box Island: One Hour Coding – Trailer #1

Box Island: One Hour Coding – The #1 mobile tutorial for an Hour of Code™. Officially featured by at

Take a trip on Box Island and help Hiro collect all the clocks scattered in the wilderness! In this fun mobile tutorial, students take part in a journey on Box Island that has been specifically designed for the Hour of Code™ campaign. Students are introduced to many of the basic fundamentals of coding through engaging puzzles in the tropical wilderness of Box Island.

Students are introduced to fundamentals such as:
* algorithmic thinking
* sequencing
* pattern recognition
* loops
* conditionals
* debugging

The tutorial is student-led and suitable for age six and up (6+). The Hour of Code™ is a nationwide initiative by Computer Science Education Week[] and[] to introduce millions of students to one hour of computer science and computer programming.

=== Teacher Resources ===

Get the lesson plan, solution guide and curriculum for the tutorial here:

=== Supported Languages ===

* English
* Spanish
* German
* French
* Italian
* Swedish
* Danish
* Finnish
* Norwegian
* Icelandic

=== About Radiant Games ===

The mission of Radiant Games is to empower children by providing the best playful coding experiences possible. We spark interest by crafting innovative coding games that engage through active participation. We ensure a trusted bond with parents and teachers through quality and integrity, where children learn as the play.

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