Best Free WordPress Contact Form Plugin – Ninja Forms Tutorial
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In this WordPress Video Tutorial for beginners, learn step by step the best wordpress contact form plugin and how to set it up. We will be using the best web design software on the market, WordPress, to make and customize our beautiful website. No coding experience is required, and we’ll teach you how to design your WordPress website easily and quickly.

What will we be learning?

In this video tutorial, we will learn what the best WordPress contact form plugin is and how we can benefit from it. Specifically, we will be looking at Ninja Forms, the best free wordpress contact form plugin.

Why are contact forms important? How can I benefit from Ninja Forms?

The first question is quite obvious. Having a contact form is much better than providing an email address where users can email you at. Bots can easily scrape websites for email addresses, so you’ll be getting a lot of spam email if you put your email instead of a contact form. Plus, it’s just much more professional.

Ninja Forms, in our opinion is the best Free contact form plugin on the wordpress market and is something that we install for a lot of our client websites. The ease of use as well as the feature rich aspect of this free plugin make it our best choice for contact widgets.

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Ninja Forms


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00.56 – What does the ninja forms plugin do?
02.15 – How to make a contact from?
04.30 – What should we put in the contact forms?
07.45 – Making a new page.


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