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Animal sounds for children to learn or animal sounds for kids or animal sounds for toddlers or animal sounds for babies.

Animals used in alphabetical order:

Bat 18:57
Bear 10:41
Bee 8:37
Bison 13:54
Camel 13:37
Cat 0:29
Chick 4:08
Chimpanzee 12:43
Coyote 11:40
Cow 1:28
Crow 7:30
Dog 0:11
Dolphin 16:19
Donkey 2:14
Duck 4:51
Eagle 18:12
Elephant 14:40
Fly 8:16
Fox 10:59
Frog 5:47
Goat 2:36
Goose 5:11
Hamster 0:48
Hen 3:47
Heron 18:35
Hippopotamus 14:18
Horse 1:53
Hyena 12:01
Indian Cuckoo 7:05
Jaguar 10:24
Lemur 12:58
Lion 10:02
Llama 13:17
Monkey 12:23
Mosquito 8:57
Mouse 6:08
Otter 14:58
Owl 6:41
Parrot 7:53
Pelican 15:36
Penguin 15:18
Pig 1:08
Pigeon 9:17
Rooster 3:26
Seagull 15:57
Seal 17:04
Sheep 2:57
Snake 6:30
Squirrel 6:20
Swan 5:34
Tiger 9:40
Turkey 4:32
Vulture 17:50
Walrus 16:41
Whale 17:26
Wolf 11:15

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