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With so many options to choose from, what is the best framework for JavaScript? Backbone.js is great – minimal and not opinionated with the shortest learning curve – but a substantial amount of boiler-plate code is required. At first glance, Angular can be really impressive, but some argue it can deviate from classic JavaScript UI development. Or is it Ember – the new kid on the block that can seemingly do it all, and then some?

So, which of these is the best JavaScript framework? At this Friday’s @ the Corridor we continued our CODEtalk series with a panel of experts to discuss the pros and cons of Ember.js vs Backbone.js vs. AngularJS. Panelists included Tom Wilson of Jack Russell Software, and Jason Finneyfrock and Mark Funk of BoomTown, who discussed and shared their insights on the best JavaScript framework. Chad Cravens of Open Source Systems and Technical Manager of CODEcamp, will moderated the discussion.




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