Amazon Coding Interview (2019) – Most Common Word

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Most Common Word LeetCode coding solution. This is one of Amazon’s most commonly asked interview questions according to LeetCode!

Coding Interviews Most Common Word (LeetCode) question and explanation.

This question is a commonly asked by the following companies: Amazon and Microsoft

Link to problem:

Intuition behind solution: Add all banned words to a hash set. Create a hash map that will store the number of occurrences of each word that is not banned. Iterate through all the words in the paragraph parameter, ignoring things like case and punctuation. For every word, if it doesn’t exist in the list of banned words, add it to the hash map or increment its count in the hash map. Once you have gone through all the words in the paragraph, iterate through all keys in your hash map updating a return variable to key that maps to the largest value. Once you have iterated through all the keys and updated your return value accordingly, return your return value.

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