Altino Cohort 1 | Coding for Non-Coders like Teachers

Altino is a system to teach coding to non-coders like teachers so they can begin to teach it to students using a sophisticated sensor laden car. Cohort #1 ran from February to April 2017

Coding is a 21st skill. In the 1960s, 70s, and 80s, students had wood and metal shop. Tomorrow, the best prepared students will have “Code Shop.” However, the challenge with coding is how to teach it to teachers who are non-coders, how to build student confidence so a higher percentage continue in coding, and lastly, how to teach coding at scale, at every grade level, and do it over a school year with existing classroom teachers.

Currently, there is a lack of coding curriculum for a semester, and designed so any teacher can learn and teach coding. Our vision is to bring the fundamentals of coding (logic and creativity, yes coding is creative) to every school, teacher, and student in the State of Hawaii by bring the Altino system from Korea to Hawaii.

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