Accelerated Learning – Focus Music – Gamma Waves for Memory, Concentration, Focus – Monaural Beats

Accelerated Learning – Focus Music – Gamma Waves for Focus, Concentration, Memory – Monaural Beats

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Magnetic Minds:

This video contains 40 Hz Gamma Monaural Beats.

Gamma Waves are associated with Higher Awareness states, such as those seen during Intensive Task Processing, or Tibetan monks meditating on the intent of Compassion.

The following frequencies are contained in this video:

40 Hz
Gamma Monaural Beats
Intellectual Acuity

6 Hz
Theta Binaural Beats
Memory Stimulation
Carrier Frequency: 126.1 Hz (Hyper-Gamma)

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===== General Questions =====

Q. What are Binaural Beats?

“Binaural Beats” is a term given to playing one sound frequency in one ear, and another sound frequency in the opposite ear, creating a two-tone effect in the mid-brain that is actually perceived to be one tone. This causes an “Entrainment” effect in the brain that has a variety of results depending on the frequency.

Q. What are Binaural Beats good for?

Lots of things. Meditation, Relaxation, Stress Relief, Deeper Sleep, Pain Relief, Mind Expansion, Brain Hemisphere Synchronization, and the list goes on and on.

Pretty much any element of the Mind / Body complex can be improved using Binaural Beats, which again is just Brainwave Entrainment.

Q. Do Binaural Beats Actually Work?

Indeed. Many scientific studies (especially as of late) have conclusive research on Brainwave Entrainment and it’s effects.

Q. Must I wear headphones for these videos?

You don’t have to use headphones, but the Binaural effect is increased if you do.

Q. Do I need to close my eyes while listening to this?

No, although you’ll find closing your eyes will generally lead to a deeper, more profound state while listening.

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