A Beginner's Guide to JavaScript's Prototype

You can’t get very far in JavaScript without dealing with objects. They’re foundational to almost every aspect of the JavaScript programming language. In this post you’ll learn about a variety of patterns for instantiating new objects and in doing so, you’ll be gradually led to understanding JavaScript’s prototype in depth.

It may seem surprising, but in my opinion the most important and fundamental concept to understanding the JavaScript language is understanding Execution Context. In this video you’ll not only learn all about Execution Contexts, but also more advanced JavaScript topics like hoisting, the scope chain, and closures.

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If you use JavaScript in any capacity, there’s probably not another resource that will benefit you more than this. This course was years in the making. I took everything I know about JavaScript and all my experience teaching it over the last half decade and put it into this one course.

We’ll cover topics like
✅ Execution Contexts
✅ Blocking vs Non Blocking IO
✅ Scopes
✅ The Scope Chain
✅ The Event Loop
✅ Closures
✅ Hoisting
✅ Instantiation Patterns
✅ FN.prototype
✅ this, .call, .apply, and .bind
✅ IIFEs/CommonJS/ES Modules
✅ Inheritance
✅ Composition
✅ Async Patterns

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