99203 Outpatient E/M Coding Explained

This video demonstrates 99203 E-M Coding within the ICANotes Behavioral Health EMR.

Outpatient series:
Prescribers: Complete Evaluation – https://youtu.be/zfKhdqzR7WA
Prescribers: Prescribing Medications for Outpatient Setting – https://youtu.be/bfdsFQOuk8Q
Prescribers: Classic Progress Note – https://youtu.be/XAqohvfgy6o
Prescribers: Simplified Progress Note – https://youtu.be/qW_2bU3rw4k
Prescribers: Psychotherapy Note – https://youtu.be/47h7I9WTkes
Prescribers: Discharge Summary with 99238 E/M Coding – https://youtu.be/Pg9bq14SC88
Prescribers: Create Clinical Summary – https://youtu.be/-g-Wznkm9Hg
99203 Outpatient E/M Coding Explained – https://youtu.be/HW5e7pjYxhc
99214 Outpatient E/M Coding Explained – https://youtu.be/YzpnQ9Gq0YM
Entering Test Results into ICANotes – https://youtu.be/dFbAxouCUzg
Nurse: Opening Progress Note for MD – https://youtu.be/rwxwQH8lYks
Nurse: Outpatient Nursing Note – https://youtu.be/a5rg2N0hu-w
Nurse: Documenting Psychotropic Injection in Outpatient Setting – https://youtu.be/PoDab8GpadM
Nurse: Entering Lab Results – https://youtu.be/_2aG4sHgvT8
Therapist: Bio-Psychosocial Assessment – https://youtu.be/_xlGPI-ZX1I
Therapist: Master Treatment Plan Anxiety – https://youtu.be/kyZ1G2zPdCY
Therapist: Subsequent Treatment Plan Anxiety – https://youtu.be/RGX8rbdhir8
Therapist: Psychotherapy Note – https://youtu.be/UZIQoY5kkBo
Therapist: Family Therapy Note – https://youtu.be/MjeW84zZtQ4
Therapist: Couples Therapy Note – https://youtu.be/MBL9R7POGVA
Therapist: Group Notes for Large Groups – https://youtu.be/mHwPwEKBuHM
Therapist: Individualized Group Therapy Note – https://youtu.be/XqDp37HwcYk

For more information about ICANotes, or to take a test drive of the system, please visit http://www.icanotes.com.



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