#89 Make E-com in Laravel 5.6 / 5.7 | Work on Admin Panel | View Order Details

In Part-89, we are going to work on orders section in admin panel once again and this time we are going to show complete order details in admin.

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1) Create Route :-
We will create GET route in web.php file for order detail blade file that will come into play when admin click on “View Order Details” at orders section in admin panel.

// User Ordered Products Details
Route::get(‘/admin/view-order/{id}’,’[email protected]’);

2) Create orderDetails function :-
Create orderDetails function in ProductsController and pass order id as parameter to get order details and return to order_details.blade.php file.

3) Create order_details.blade.php file :-
Create order_details.blade.php file under views/admin/orders/ path and include admin design to it.

4) Update view_orders.blade.php file :-
Update view_orders.blade.php file to add orders detail blade file link to “View Order Details” tab that we have created in the last step.

5) Copy from widgets.html :-
Copy content from widgets.html file located in Matrix admin template and paste into orders_detail.blade.php file and make necessary changes to show Order and Customer Details.

In next video, we will show Customer Billing and Shipping Addresses and Ordered Products so stay tune for it.

Thanks for watching 🙂



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