6-Hour Live Coding with SnapDragon – May 31st

Professional competitive coder Derek Kisman, aka SnapDragon. With 25+ years of programming experience, he regularly serves a judge at the world-renowned ACM International Collegiate Programming Contest. In fact, he writes some of the challenges that appear at ACM-ICPC 2015!

SnapDragon also ranked #2 at the ZenHacks CodeSprint in February, hosted by Zenefits & HackerRank. He now works at Zenefits! See ZenHacks challenges here: http://bit.ly/1d3soMb

SnapDragon will show you how to solve the toughest ACM challenges from ACM World Finals 2015. He’ll also solve some ZenHack HackerRank challenges as well! 🙂

May 31st, starting 8 AM PST

This will be a Q&A style session. Meaning, you can ask the pro exactly how he approaches these challenges directly in the YouTube chat. Get inside the mind of an ACM judge and learn crucial coding tips during this live Q&A session!

Don’t miss this opportunity to watch and learn from a professional programmer!

Brought to you by HackerRank Live, the destination for the world’s best coders.

An exclusive Q&A Interview with SnapDragon. http://blog.hackerrank.com/exclusive-qa-with-world-renowned-coder-snapdragon/



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