5 Best books for learning Python Programming

Here is a short review of the top 5 best books for learning to program in Python. I think these are by far the best books available at the moment and any of them will really help you to learn python from scratch. Whether you want to learn python for data analysis, making games of for web app development, there will be something here for you. All of the books mentioned here have been reviewed separately on this channel.

The books are Learn Python the Hard Way Amazon UK http://goo.gl/ySJP4M Amazon USA http://goo.gl/xyhkPS

Effective Computation in Physics O’Reilly Amazon UK http://goo.gl/5WY05L Amazon USA http://goo.gl/WTh5RQ
Python Crash Course by Eric Matthes Amazon UK http://goo.gl/QONFUK Amazon USA http://goo.gl/EchYi5
Python for Data Analysis by Wes McKinney Amazon UK http://goo.gl/TytzVH Amazon USA http://goo.gl/80Bn3u
Introduction to Computation and Programming Using Python http://goo.gl/Y16MzW Amazon USA http://goo.gl/ak47ky

Bonus book Automate the Boring Stuff with Python Amazon USA http://goo.gl/XoPDQJ Amazon UK http://goo.gl/TReZM9



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