3 Secrets to Getting a Job After Coding School

Job hunting is hard. Doing a career change is even more challenging! Check out these absolutely important tips to making your transition into the tech industry smoother and faster. It’s a lot of hardwork but if you prioritize these 3 things during your coding journey, you will land a job ASAP!

–I am a freelance web developer so these tips are based off of what I observed and talked to my fellow bootcamp classmates about as they job hunted
–When this video was published, the majority of my class landed a job. Like… 85-90% (I’m guessing because I only chat regularly with half of my class)
–0 to 3 months is the amount of time it seems to take to land a job
–80% of the jobs people landed was through networking and finding a mentor after the bootcamp
–Job hunting is still a lot of work. Attending coding bootcamp will not automatically get you a job!

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